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the associate of arts degree in worship leadership is for students with the gifts and calling to serve in the worship ministries of a local church. the program helps ground students in a biblical understanding of the roles worship plays in a healthy church, nurture in them an evident commitment to spiritual life, and orient them to servant leadership through music. students acquire knowledge and skills that support worship ministry, with emphasis on musical skills.


on completion, students should be able to:
  • express an evident and attractive christian witness.
  • communicate an increased understanding of biblical foundations for spiritual life and worship ministry.
  • demonstrate musical and leadership abilities requisite for worship ministry.
this degree program is available in the following format:

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major27 hours

*the marked course may be applied to the gened humanities requirements.

music theory4

  • continuation from music fundamentals, including study of chords in major and minor keys, voice leading, beginning four-part writing, and harmonic progressions.
    prerequisite: mus1010 with a c or higher, successful music theory placement exam, or consent of the instructor.
  • study and practice to develop the skill of accurately sight-reading melodies through the solfege system and melodic dictation.
    prerequisite: mus1010 or successful music theory placement exam

music performance8

  • 1000-level applied electives4
  • voice and accompanying proficiencies0
  • performance of music from a variety of genres including classical works, modern art song, spirituals, contemporary christian music, and gospel song in venues on campus, in the surrounding community and in churches, including a week-long tour across the united states. open to ocu students by audition.
    repeatable no tuition over charge for overload (above 18 hours) course fee: $100
choose one of the following:
  • instruction in styles and skills for accompanying worship. individual lesson or class setting. lesson
    fee: $150
  • instruction in styles and skills for accompanying worship. individual lesson or class setting. lesson
    fee: $150

worship leadership15

  • a survey of music literature for worship: the history of worship song, expressions of worship from world cultures, and contemporary worship music.
  • a biblical understanding of worship with emphasis on how god has chosen to relate with people, especially those he has redeemed, and on implications for ministries in the local church.
  • professional association for worship leadership students. includes student leadership development, community engagement, and participation in professional enrichment opportunities provided by ocu and others.
  • audio and video needs of small to large worship settings, including spirit-guided technology ministry, the nature of sound, industry-standard terms, signal flow, audio and video systems, theatrical and video lighting, and video editing software.
    corequisite: wor1030
  • hands-on experience setting up and operating worship technology in an approved setting with an experienced supervisor.
  • the ministry and calling of a worship leader, including current leadership and ministry practices, an introduction to worship planning, and a survey of biblical and historical foundations of worship. overview of the ocu worship leadership program, including typical career opportunities.
    corequisite: wor1101
  • shadowing an experienced worship leader or participation in an approved church or youth group worship band setting, or auditioned worship group.
  • participation in an approved setting with an experienced worship leader as part of a local church or youth group worship band, or an auditioned worship group.
    prerequisite: wor1100
  • wor3030 worship band techniques2
  • wor3031 field experience ii (worship)0
  • methods for planning worship. topics include personal spiritual preparation, use of resources with emphasis on the use of scripture, selection of worship materials, engagement with the christian year, discipleship, and pastoral care through worship.
    corequisite: wor3471
  • demonstrated mastery of the program goals and content. preparation and leadership for a 25- or 50-minute worship event.

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