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the ba in music is designed to prepare musicians with a high level of musical skill and a strong foundation in music theory, history, and applied performance.


objectives on completion, students should be able to:
  • perform at a collegiate level as a vocalist or instrumentalist.
  • apply knowledge of music theory and the historical context of music to musical performance.
  • demonstrate functional vocal and accompanying skills.
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major53 hours

music theory19

  • continuation from music fundamentals, including study of chords in major and minor keys, voice leading, beginning four-part writing, and harmonic progressions.
    prerequisite: mus1010 with a c or higher, successful music theory placement exam, or consent of the instructor.
  • study and practice to develop the skill of accurately sight-reading melodies through the solfege system and melodic dictation.
    prerequisite: mus1010 or successful music theory placement exam
  • continuation of mus2020, including study of cadences, phrases and periods, non-chord tones, diatonic seventh chords, and secondary dominant chords.
    prerequisite: mus2010 with a grade of c or higher
  • continuation of mus105.
    prerequisite: mus2011 with a grade of c or higher.
  • continuation of music theory ii. modulatory techniques, mode mixtures, neapolitan and augmented sixth chords, and enharmonic modulations.
    prerequisite: mus2012 or successful music theory placement exam
  • continuation of mus106.
    prerequisite: mus2013 or successful music theory placement exam
  • continuation of music theory iii.
    prerequisite: mus3010 or successful music theory placement exam
  • continuation of mus205.
    prerequisite: mus3011 with a c or higher
  • structural principles and forms of homophonic music, particularly baroque and classical forms.
    prerequisite: mus3010 with a c or higher

music history9

*this course may be applied to gened humanities requirement.

music performance25

  • 1000-level major applied study4
  • 3000-level major applied study6
  • 1000-level secondary applied study3
  • piano or voice is recommended
  • piano proficiency0
  • attendance at on- and off-campus musical performances. appreciation of a variety of musical literature and concert formats, and observation of elements that help create an effective performance.
  • public performance of at least 50 minutes of music from a variety of historic and stylistic genera. literature should be appropriate to the requirements for senior-level study and should include ensemble repertoire.
  • conducting patterns with an emphasis on establishing a clear and communicable style to direct an ensemble. students analyze and direct music using a variety of meters, dynamics, and styles.
    prerequisite: 2010 with a c or higher
  • ensemble electives7
conducting elective, choose one of the following:
  • conducting techniques for leading choral ensembles, score analysis, study of diction, and musical styles. expressive conducting of music selected from a broad repertory.
    prerequisite: mus4011
  • instrumental conducting techniques, literature, and materials.
    prerequisite: mus4011

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