follow christ, lead the way

the associate of arts in business equips students with basic skills in essential business areas. the integration of a christian worldview ensures that the education is morally and ethically grounded.


  • explain how the four functions of management can be addressed through the christian worldview.
  • discuss market segmentation and targeting using the 7 p’s (product, price, place, promotion, packaging, positioning, and people) of marketing.
  • illustrate data used by decision-makers in today’s business environments.
  • develop the entrepreneurial decision-making process from research to business plan creation.
this degree program is available in the following formats:

explore the full enrichment of the traditional collegiate experience and make new friends on our lively campus in circleville ohio.

100% online courses in a 5-week as-you-go flexible format for busy adults featuring forum discussions and weekly assignment deadlines.

major27 hours

  • the double-entry system of bookkeeping and the basic accounting cycle, including communicating financial information according to generally accepted accounting principles.
    prerequisite: college-level mathematics courses, higher than mat1000
  • Principles of economic analysis with emphasis on microeconomic theory as it applies to the decision-making of households, businesses, and industries in the current economic environment, including scarcity of resources, opportunity cost, supply & demand, specialization and trade, and the role of government. Pre-requisite: College-level mathematics course
  • introduction to economic analysis at the aggregate level, including the impact of both domestic and international policies on key economic indicators and on overall macroeconomic performance. recommended: college-level economics course
  • recognizing startup or takeover business opportunities, investigating businesses opportunities for feasibility, developing business concepts, and creating business plans.
  • foundational financial theory and its application to management decision-making and firm valuation.
    prerequisite: mat2050
  • accepted management principles from historic and contemporary perspectives with application to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • the interacting marketing activities of analysis, planning, implementation, and control with a focus on competitive and customer analysis, marketing strategy development, and implementations for decision-making in domestic and global organizations. the course incorporates current developments in marketing, including the social, legal, ethical, and technological environments of marketing. students apply these skills and concepts in a real marketing situation to make recommendations for marketing strategy and tactics.
  • electives in acc, bus, fin, ldr, or mkt3
choose one of the following:
  • a review of basic math functions with emphasis on real-world application, including fundamentals of banking, pricing, payroll, interest, reading and analyzing financial statements, taxes, insurance, and investments, and application of these concepts to situations in business and personal life.
  • mathematics elective (circleville students)3

*students may count this course as a mathematics elective in the general education core. mat2050 is not available to circleville campus students.